YARPP Template with Post-Thumbnails

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This post will explain a sample of YARPP template implementation with post-thumbnails or featured images. With post-thumbnails, we’ll get more interesting appearance for displaying related posts because they’re not just text, but colorful images. YARPP works hard by giving us all related posts to a particular post, now it is our turn to make its output to become more beautiful so it is interesting enough for our readers to click on them and then read the related posts. Continue reading »

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Text with Transparent Background Over an Image using CSS

Text over an image

This posting will explain a CSS technique on how to place text with transparent background over an image. This technique can be used to put caption of the image by taking a small space on top or bottom of the image. Using this technique, we can overlay an image with text without the help of image-editing software like PhotoShop. Other benefit can be found on WordPress blog, where we can overlay post-thumbnail with the title of the post. Continue reading »

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bbPress: Forum Integration with WordPress

WordPress and bbPress

If you want a forum in a self-hosted WordPress blog, bbPress is the right choice. This is because bbPress and WordPress can be integrated in the important areas: user and login cookie. This means users who are listed in the WordPress blog are also bbPress users. And if you login to WordPress you will also be automatically logged in to bbPress, and vice versa. So, we don’t have to duplicate user data, we don’t have to synchronize users, and users should feel that WordPress and bbPress as a single integrated software because of the single sign-on feature between the two. Continue reading »

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The Importance of Featured Image in WordPress

WordPress post-thumbnail

One of the important features of WordPress since version 2.9 is featured image, or people often mention it as post-thumbnail. With this feature, we can use a picture to represents hundreds or thousands of words in our posting. With this feature, we can now implement the quote that says “A picture is worth a thousands words”. Yes, one representative picture can replace a thousand words. Continue reading »

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WP-OpenCart WordPress Theme


Today, I’ve just finished my one week project: creating the first public open source WordPress plugin. The job has been done, and it’s now reached it’s first milestone: first public beta (v0.7). The WordPress theme name is WP-OpenCart. It is available publicly, and from the time being it can be downloaded from the following website: http://opencart.web.id/wp-opencart-wordpress-theme/. It is free, it is open source, and you can use it for your own WordPress blog. Continue reading »

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Creating Menu in WordPress 3.0 Programmatically


WordPress 3.0 has been around for a while. One of its great features is the menu system. We can use the menu system out of the box from the WordPress administration screen. From there we can create a menu with flexible menu item configuration. The menu item can be configured to point and open specific post or page, specific category or tag, or custom URL. The good news for programmers: all of those things can be done programmatically. You can create a menu and its all configurable menu items via PHP code. This post will shows you some example on how to do it. Continue reading »

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Rounded Tag Cloud Widget for WordPress

Rounded tags

If you are using standard version of WordPress tag cloud widget, you may feel boring or dislike its look-and-feel. This ’rounded tag cloud’ widget offers different look-and-feel. Technically it uses the same function with the standard tag cloud widget. It only formats the look of tags so that it has different background and rounded corner. It also doesn’t differentiate the font-size of tags, all tags have the same font-size that can be set from admin options screen. Continue reading »

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WP-PageNavi for LightWord

Page navigation

WP-PageNavi is a page navigation WordPress plugin. It can be used to replace the Previous posts and Next posts links from the home page, categories, tags, archives, and search result pages. This plugin (WP-PageNavi-LightWord) adapts the original WP-PageNavi, by changing its look and feel to match the look and feel of famous LightWord WordPress theme. If you are using the LightWord WordPress plugin, you should try this adaptation. Otherwise, just stick with the original WP-PageNavi. Continue reading »

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