Facebook Fan Box Widget for WordPress

Facebook Fan Box

This is a WordPress widget to display a Facebook fan box on the sidebar. Utilizing Facebook fan box API, this widget displays the fans of your Facebook profile page. This widget is easy to install because it is packaged as WordPress plugin that can be installed very quickly. It is also easy to use and configure because it is deployed as widget. The Facebook fan box also has ‘Like’ button. This button interacts with your blog readers directly, so if it is clicked, it will add up to the number of your fans. Continue reading »

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Latest Posts with Share Widget for WordPress

Latest Posts

This is a WordPress widget to display the latest blog posts. From the functionality point of view, this widget is just like the standard Recent Posts widget, but with additional functionality: a sharing button to Facebook or Twitter. This button is rendered before the post link, and by default it is configured to show the counter of how many time a particular post is shared in Facebook or Twitter. The presence of this button should entice your readers to share an interesting post in a social media website like Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading »

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Recent Comments with Gravatar Widget for WordPress

WordPress comments

Recent Comments with Gravatar is a WordPress widget that does the same thing with the standard Recent Comments widget in WordPress >2.8 with additional gravatar images and different formatting for author comments. The gravatar image is displayed along with the comment and the author link, so it will be easier for us to identify the author. With this additional features, the Recent Comments Gravatar should make your blog more colorful. Continue reading »

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Top Commenters Gravatar Widget for WordPress

Top Commenters Gravatar

This WordPress plugin/widget will display top commenters of your blog in the form of gravatar images. The images can be stacked up or listed in a sidebar box, linked to the commenter’s website. You can also change its behavior to display the current post commenters in a single post, also in the form of gravatar images. If your blog is powered by self-hosted WordPress version 2.8 or above, you can use this widget and place it anywhere within the sidebar of your WordPress blog. This widget should encourage your blog readers to put comments into your posts. Continue reading »

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Ranged Popular Posts Widget for WordPress

Popular Posts

This is a simple popular posts WordPress widget for your blog. The popularity formula for this widget is solely based only on the number of comments for each post. The most popular post is the post which has the most comments. I add a time interval parameter to specify when the posts are considered popular. With this addition, you can specify a range when the posts are considered popular. You can specify arbitrary number of weeks, months, and years back from the current date as the time interval parameter. You can also choose all-time popular posts, ignoring the time interval parameter. Continue reading »

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Moving Reply Button to the End of WordPress Comment Thread


In this post, I will document what I’m doing when modifying the WordPress comment-template for my custom theme. The focus of this documentation is on how we can move Reply button to the end of WordPress comment thread. If you are accustomed to WordPress comment-template, you should already know that by default the Reply button is placed after the first comment in every thread. Continue reading »

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Inexpensive Wireless Hotspot with Windows 7

Windows 7

This post will explain how you can make Windows 7 as an inexpensive access-point wireless hotspot without the need to purchase any additional equipment. Before Windows 7 release, you can create ad-hoc wireless network. Unfortunately not all devices can be connected to this ad-hoc wireless network. Using Windows 7, now you can make inexpensive access-point wireless hotspot. Continue reading »

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