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Recent Comments with Gravatar is a WordPress widget that does the same thing with the standard Recent Comments widget in WordPress >2.8 with additional gravatar images and different formatting for author comments. The gravatar image is displayed along with the comment and the author link, so it will be easier for us to identify the author. With this additional features, the Recent Comments Gravatar should make your blog more colorful.

The following image shows the Recent Comments with Gravatar in action, captured from my Indonesian blog (

The Recent Comments with Gravatar widget

And the following image shows the administration screen for this widget:

Administration screen for Recent Comments with Gravatar


The Recent Comments with Gravatar is a WordPress widget. It requires WordPress at least version 2.8. Here is the step by step on how to install this widget:

  1. Download the widget from
  2. Extract the directory recent-comments-gravatar from the downloaded file, and then upload it to your WordPress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Go to Appearance > Widgets > Recent Comments with Gravatar, drag and drop it to sidebar area, and start entering your info.

Widget Parameters

Here is the explanation of widget parameters.

  1. Title

    This is the widget title in plain text. You can put any value here. For example: Recent Commenters, New Comments, etc.

  2. Num. of comments to display

    You can specify how many comments to display in this widget here.

  3. Gravatar width

    The width of gravatar image can be specified here. Common values are: 46, 60, but of course you can freely choose any ‘reasonable’ number for gravatar width.

  4. Author emails

    Author comments will be formatted differently from other comments. The authors are identified by emails. You can specify any emails here that you consider as admin emails.

  5. Show in Post

    You can choose whether you would display this widget in individual post or not.

  6. Show in Page

    You can also choose whether you would display this widget in individual page or not.

  7. Use custom style

    By default, Recent Comments with Gravatar widget uses its own style.css file. You can check this checkbox to ignore this file and use the CSS from your theme. Some additions to your theme’ style.css are required of course.

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23 Responses to Recent Comments with Gravatar Widget for WordPress

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  3. Richard says:

    Can you supply a template tag for non widget themes please?

  4. dedekusn says:

    Terima kasih Kang Agus…, pluginnya hebat,

  5. Christopher Anderton says:

    Nice plug. However, it need to support multiple widget instances (when you are using different sidebars for different pages)

    • Agus says:

      admitted. I didn’t design this plugin as multi-instance aware plugin. Thanks for suggestion, maybe in next version I will make it as multi-instance aware plugin.

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  7. satrya says:

    Yeah.. cool plugin.
    I’m using this plugin for my Indonesian blog.

    See my review on my blog mas :D

  8. Andy says:

    What sets this recent comments plugin from others is that you have the “time ago” timestamp for each comment. Thank you so much for this plugin.

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  10. nadri says:

    plug-in nya sudah knp gravatar tidak keluar…tolong kang agus yaa…

    • Agus says:

      The gravatar can be configured from administrative screen in WordPress. By default it doesn’t show any gravatar, you have to turn it on. And then you can choose any substitute icon if the user does not have gravatar. You choose from any available options: wavatar, identicon, mystery man, and monster icons.

  11. Malcolm says:

    Any chance of having an option to show the first XX characters of the comment?

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  13. Nice plugin, but the use of puts me off – I’d prefer to drop elements to the next line with CSS if necessary. Also the break elements in the plugin are not XHTML compliant.

  14. I’d prefer to hide the author’s comments. It would be great an option is provided for that.

  15. hatewhatever says:

    I’m using it and i recommend it.. been lookin for something like this for a while

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