Top Commenters Gravatar Widget for WordPress

Top Commenters Gravatar

This WordPress plugin/widget will display top commenters of your blog in the form of gravatar images. The images can be stacked up or listed in a sidebar box, linked to the commenter’s website. You can also change its behavior to display the current post commenters in a single post, also in the form of gravatar images. If your blog is powered by self-hosted WordPress version 2.8 or above, you can use this widget and place it anywhere within the sidebar of your WordPress blog. This widget should encourage your blog readers to put comments into your posts.

This widget is configurable. You can specify the number of top commenters to be displayed in the list. You also can specify the gravatar width. And if you ever want to exclude someone (or yourself) from the list, just put the email addresses into the exclude list. Even more, you can specify the time frame of comments whose commenters are included in the list.

The following image shows the appearance of Top Commenters Gravatar widget, captured from my Indonesian blog (

The Top Commenters Gravatar widget

And the following image shows the widget has changed to ‘single mode’ in post page, displaying the commenters of current post:

Single mode of Top Commenters Gravatars widget

And here is the screen capture of widget administration settings:

Admin screen of Top Commenters Gravatars widget


The Top Commenters Gravatar is a WordPress widget. It requires WordPress version 2.8 or above to function properly. Here is step by step on how to install it:

  1. Download the widget from
  2. Extract the directory top-commenters-gravatar from the downloaded file, and then upload it to your WordPress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Go to Appearance > Widgets > Top Commenters Gravatar, drag and drop it to sidebar area, and start entering your info.

Widget Parameters

This section covers the description of parameters used by this widget.

  1. Title

    This is the title of widget, in plain text. You can put any value here. For example: Top Commenters, Top Commenters (Trailing 1 Year), Most Valuable Commenters, etc.

  2. Num of Commenters to Display

    This parameter can be used to specify how many top commenters to display in the widget. Default value of this parameter is 10. You can specify any ‘reasonable’ number of value here.

  3. Gravatar Width

    This parameter specifies the width of commenter’s gravatar. Default value is 46px, but of course you are free to change it to suit your preferences.

  4. Include All Commenters within …

    You can limit the timeframe of comments whose commenters are included in the top commenters list. For example you could choose 1 year to include only comments from the past 1 year data.

  5. Excluded Emails

    You can put all the excluded commenter’s emails here. All commenters whose emails included here won’t show up on the widget display.

  6. Single Mode

    Turn this ON if you want the widget to change mode in a single post. The single mode will display current commenters for the post, instead of top commenters.

  7. Title in Single Mode

    As the mode change to single mode, the title should be changed to reflect the state of the widget. You can specify the proper title here.

  8. Text in Single Mode

    You can encourage your readers to put comments by putting some text message here.

  9. Use Custom Style

    By default, the Top Commenters Gravatar widget uses its own style.css file. If you don’t want use the default css file, you can uncheck this checkbox, and put the style formatting in the style.css of your theme.

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35 Responses to Top Commenters Gravatar Widget for WordPress

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  2. Massa P says:

    How do I specify a default gravatar image (of my own choosing) if a commenter does not have a gravatar? This would be a nice feature… Please add. Thanks.

  3. Massa P says:

    Ah, I see… it depends on the limited choices set via WordPress Discussion Settings > Avatars (Mystery Man, blank gif, etc.)… However, I still would like to choose my own image that is not based on the choices set by WordPress admin.

    • Agus says:

      You’re right, the gravatar will be substituted by either mystery man, blank, wavatar, or monster icon. It will be nice if someone can add his/her own image if he/she does not have gravatar. But for now, I’m thinking about importing the photo from other well-known places like twitter or facebook, for next version.

  4. Rajib says:

    This Plugin does not work , please solve this problem

  5. ina says:

    terima kasih saya ucapkan, plug in anda sangat berguna dan telah terpasang di web saya

  6. CEO Asaptra says:

    mas agus, ko gravatar saya ga mucul ya?

  7. Spewf says:

    I hate widgets with a passion so I was wondering if there was a way to hard code it into the sidebar. This plugin looks very nice so I want it!

    Any ideas?

    • Agus says:

      Current version does not provide shortcode, the plugin is deployed purely as widget. In the next version I will try to make the shortcode, so it can be used anywhere.

  8. Tan says:

    can you make so in the next version, it will automatically group gravatars that have the same email? my problem is that i have commenters that use the same email but through time have used different names, so what ends up happening is that i will have 3 or 2 of the same gravatars showing for a particular commenter.

    good work regardless btw :)

    • Agus says:

      Yes of course. I have noticed this problem from my own blog but I ignored it since it promotes two different links, although it uses only one email address. But since you give this nice feedback I’ll consider to choose one from the two website addresses if the commenters has the same email address.

  9. Rajib says:

    Hallo Brother,
    Thank you, I’m successfully setup your plugin.

  10. cardiogirl says:

    Love this plugin/widget — excellent work! Is there a way to define the width of the widget? On my site it’s just about 2 or 3 px too wide so it is cutting off a bit of my text in the center.

    The widget is on the left hand side. When I select Use Custom Style the gravatars are lined up one per line, so I have 10 or 12 photos in a single line. I want to show the top 12 in a grid but then it’s a tad bit too wide.

    Here’s a link to a post showing the overlap:

    Thanks in advance!

    • Agus says:

      Currently it is setup to inherit the width of the sidebar where it is placed. I haven’t put any options to set its width manually yet.

    • I have succesfully set it’s width, you have to do a little css tweak.
      See examples on my site ( I had it set to 30px. So it will show up 5 avatars in one row.
      Next thing to do is edit style.css file included in the plugin
      .tcg-image {
      padding:0 3px 3px 0;

      Since I am changing my gravatar width to 30px and set distance 3px for each gravatar, I set the width directive to 33px. Padding directive will let you set distance between each gravatar.

      Another examples: if you want to set gravatar width to 40px and distance between gravatars to 5px, the css code would be:
      .tcg-image {
      padding:0 5px 5px 0;

      Hope this solve your problem.

    • Wordpressholic, thanks for the code on and instructions on how to change that. It looks really nice on your site. I’m still a little shaky on where to add this on the CSS editor. Also, the other change I might try out is centering the gravatars in the widget. Mine are aligned to the left for some reason. Thanks again. Btw – I added a like to your FB page. :)

  11. Gee says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing this. I have a problem though. My top commenters widget does not update. I set it to show 12 but it now shows just 9. Hope you could help me. Thanks!

  12. Hi Agus, great plugin! I installed it yesterday.

    Now I want to go back and add some emails to the exclusion list (those guys without gravatars) but I don’t see where to get back into the settings. Where do I find it?


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  14. cardiogirl says:

    Howdy, is there any way on the daily count to make the first person who comments stay at the top of the gravatar graphic. Right now the first person out of 12 who comments ends up being on the bottom of the grid.

    The gravatars are listed in ascending order instead of descending. Is there a way to change that?

    • Agus says:

      Hmmm, currently there is no option to make the sort order in ascending way. But thanks for the feedback, I should be able to improve it for the next version.

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  17. Kissie says:

    This is such a great way to reward those who support your blog, thanks!

    I’m back on the site today because I want to make even more changes to my widget … and I forget how. :-/

  18. Jen says:

    Great plugin. We have been using it for a week and just got an email from out host saying that it It “crashed the “guppy” mysql server due to a flood of queries processing 121,000
    comments, processing 450+ seconds each query, and around 100 running at
    one time” :( Is there something we can do to fix this and still use the plugin? We’d hate to lose it! Thanks!!!!

  19. Really superb plugin, recently i wrote a Review in my blog about your plugin. You did fantastic job.

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